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    Raffle ends TODAY AT 6PM (Monday)

    Time is about up.. you only have untill 6pm today, all this plus a year of extreme boats. Here is a note from John Haggin incase you missed it

    A note from the desk of John Haggin.

    Hello Raffle Ticket Holders,

    We started this raffle to give someone a chance to race that might otherwise never be able to afford a race boat and it looks like that goal will be realized in just a few more days. I canít tell you how much I enjoy reading your posts. The enthusiasm thatís been displayed is heartwarming and I only hope that the winner truly enjoys their offshore racing experience as much as I have. In Destin, we will treat the raffle winner like a king as part of the AMF Racing team. Feel free to use our pits as yours and park your new rig alongside the Platinum Princess and our brand new Turbine Powered MTI called Turbine Marine. Iím sure it will be a week that youíll never forget.

    Now that the end of the month is upon us, its time to explain how we are going to finish the raffle and declare a winner.

    Since today is the end of the month, we are going to extend the raffle two days so that it ends on a business day. Tickets may be purchased up until 6pm EST on Monday October 2nd, 2006. At that time, we will turn everything over to Steve so that OSO can audit the ticket sales and being the process of charging all of your credit cards. This will take a few days.

    Once thatís done, all valid tickets where the credit cards have been successfully charged will be couriered Las Vegas Nevada where OSS is holding a race next weekend. At that event, we will have a gathering of people with Martin Sanborn and Charlie Haimes of who will witness the drawing to be held at 8pm EST Ė 5pm PST. We hope to broadcast the drawing live over and if we can get some bandwidth, weíll attempt to stream a video feed through OSO so the winner will be notified immediately. Weíll also call the winner and get them live on the air. If we can pull this all together, it should be really slick.

    The winner can then design a name and graphics for their new boat and plan out a trip to New Jersey on the weekend of October 28th and 29th. Youíll fly into Newark or Atlantic City and be picked up at the airport then driven to Smittyís Marine where youíll get to spend the weekend running your new boat and learning how to drive it with a World Champion at your side. From there you can take it home or fly home and weíll tow it to Destin for you. Once the Destin races are over, itís your boat to take care of, and get home.

    The winner will be responsible for any and all taxes and registrations. This hull is pure race boat its never been registered. The trailer title will be signed over to you and it will be your responsibility to register the trailer and bring the plate with you to NJ for your training session.

    Thereís still time to buy a ticket, and no more than 1000 tickets will be sold.

    Good luck to all of you and Iím sure the winner will be wearing a Big Smile for a long time afterward.

    All the best,

    John Haggin
    AMF Offshore Racing

    Here is a link how to get your tickets

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    Re: Raffle ends TODAY AT 6PM (Monday)

    Here are those already in, It will be fully updated in the AM

    [size=3]OCT 1
    *This is not a COMPlETE list , will be shortly

    [size=3][size=3][size=3][size=3]Kyle Miller 1- 679710 [/size]
    [size=3]Andrew Bloom 1-680019[/size]
    [size=3]Rebbecca Stump 1-680018[/size]
    [size=3]Jim Patterson 1-680111[/size]
    [size=3]Mike Bowers 1-680110[/size]
    [size=3]Joey Dacey 1-680107[/size]
    [size=3]Jeff Dykema 1-680106[/size]
    [size=3]Charlene Osborne 1-680105[/size]
    [size=3]Philip Hanneman 1-680095[/size]
    [size=3]Kevin Gereke 1-680094[/size]
    [size=3]Rob Seavolt 1-680093[/size]
    [size=3]Michael Dacey 1-680085[/size]
    [size=3]Kenneth Viken 1-680039[/size]
    [size=3]Michael Lodin 1-680090[/size]
    [size=3]Ray Murk 1-680040[/size]
    [size=3]Mike Tuck 1-680064[/size]
    [size=3]Steve Viera 1-680067[/size]
    [size=3]Seth Korin 1-680073[/size]
    [size=3]Bernard Lesiak 1-680076[/size]
    [size=3]Kim Roth 1-680079[/size]
    [size=3]Steve Halloran 1-680082[/size]
    [size=3]Robbert Dunn 1- 679983[/size]
    [size=3]Dave Sikorski 1-679984[/size]
    [size=3]Sean Dhabalt 1-679701[/size]
    [size=3]Dirk Molin 1-679950[/size]
    [size=3]Jeff Morgan 1-679949[/size]
    [size=3]Artie Hudson 1-679948[/size]
    [size=3]Mark Gfoerer 1-679943[/size]
    [size=3]Jay Nowlin 1-679942[/size]
    [size=3]Paul Roscitt 1-679941[/size]
    [size=3]Dave Mora 1-679940[/size]
    [size=3]Joe Todesca 1-679929[/size]
    [size=3]Chris Delcollo 1-679928[/size]
    [size=3]John Spicer 1-679919[/size]
    [size=3]Stephen Dringard 1-979918[/size]
    [size=3]Rick Hartman 1-679917[/size]
    [size=3]Greg DelMonte 1-679916[/size]
    [size=3]Daniel Lawrence 1-679878[/size]
    [size=3]Robert Berk 1-679877[/size]
    [size=3]Ike Rowland 1-679876[/size]
    [size=3]Curtis Worsham 1-679875[/size]
    [size=3]Johnny Cafro 1-679873[/size]
    [size=3]Paul Tollios 1-679872[/size]
    [size=3]Andrew Moon 1-679871[/size]
    [size=3]Kevin Killelea 1-679870[/size]
    [size=3]Paul Jakse 1-679869[/size]
    [size=3]Frank Gerlipp 1-679868[/size]
    [size=3]Steve Morano 1-679867[/size]
    [size=3]Ricardo Maldonado 1-679866[/size]
    [size=3]Chris Young 1-679865[/size]
    [size=3]Tom Mitchell 1-679864[/size]
    [size=3]Evangeline Dopart 1-679880[/size]
    [size=3]John Carbon 1-679879[/size]
    [size=3]Sprague Mullikin 1-679957[/size]
    [size=3]Kevin Rooney 1-679956[/size]
    [size=3]Jason Muller 1-679951[/size]
    [size=3]Jeff hejza 1-679960[/size]
    [size=3]Dom Ross 1-679963[/size]
    [size=3]Steve Thomaschek 1-679980[/size]
    [size=3]Frank Areces 1-679977[/size]
    [size=3]Thmas Lesiak 1-679964[/size]
    [size=3]Cole Keefer 1- 679590[/size]
    [size=3]Harvey Taylor 1- 679596[/size]
    [size=3]John Betz 1- 679625[/size]
    [size=3]Mark McCoy 1-679831[/size]
    [size=3]Richard Devlin 1-679836[/size]
    [size=3]Matt McMillan 1-679835[/size]
    [size=3]Bob Baker 1-679834[/size]
    [size=3]Thmas Egizi 1-679841[/size]
    [size=3]Carmen Cafro 1-679842[/size]
    [size=3]Tony Malerba 1-679843[/size]
    [size=3]Chris Flenner 1-679828[/size]
    [size=3]Brad Schoenwald 1-679824[/size]
    [size=3]Tim Gregis 1-679821[/size]
    [size=3]Bill Dzmelyk 1-679818[/size]
    [size=3]Rich Plishka 1- 679541[/size]
    [size=3]John Gajewski 1- 679536[/size]
    [size=3]Scott Batton 1- 679526[/size]
    [size=3]Frank Dotson 1- 679626[/size]
    [size=3]Tim Sharkey 1- 679633[/size]
    [size=3]William Murray 1- 679640[/size]
    [size=3]Stephen Egan 1-679646[/size]
    [size=3]Herbert D. Terry III 1- 679647[/size]
    [size=3]Pete Roesner 1- 679648[/size]
    [size=3]Rob Oxford 1- 679661[/size]
    [size=3]Robert H. Lahue 1- 679662[/size]
    [size=3]John DeRay 1- 679665[/size]
    [size=3]Jason Lay 1- 679670[/size]
    [size=3]Mike Ohlhausen 1- 679671[/size]
    [size=3]Mike McManus 1- 679674[/size]
    [size=3]Mark Pasterchick 1- 679687[/size]
    [size=3]Mark Miskuff 1- 679688[/size]
    [size=3]Jim Sauehelli 1- 679699[/size]
    [size=3]Chris Carbone 1- 679700[/size]
    [size=3]Rick Portel 1- 679702[/size]
    [size=3]Larry Thurston 1- 679703[/size]
    [size=3]Michael Gordon 1-679546[/size]
    [size=3]Daniel Sikorski 1- 679558[/size]
    [size=3]Tyler Crockett 1- 678559[/size]
    [size=3]Steven Prater 1- 679543[/size]
    [size=3]Paul Hulse 1- 679534[/size]
    [size=3]Jeffrey Louwers 1- 679535[/size]
    [size=3]Ric Buckles 1- 679533[/size]
    [size=3]Angelo Juliano 1- 679578[/size]
    [size=3]Bill Briggs 1-679579[/size]
    [size=3]Andy Breschuk 1- 679584[/size]
    [size=3]JD Onken 1- 679572[/size]
    [size=3]Lori Gombash 1- 679573[/size]
    [size=3]Bruce Capers 1- 679570[/size]
    [size=3]Shane Barrett 1- 679571[/size]
    [size=3]Paul Harrod 1- 679567[/size]
    [size=3]Ross H Focht 1- 679542[/size]
    [size=3]William Andeson 1- 679717[/size]
    [size=3]Raymond J. Selert 1- 679784[/size]
    [size=3]Dale Arbour 1- 679785[/size]
    [size=3]Ed Villanyi 1- 679786[/size]
    [size=3]Greg Bakker 1- 679744[/size]
    [size=3]Ken Klawunn 1- 679747[/size]
    [size=3]Heather Masaro 1- 679748[/size]
    [size=3]Jim Scherrer 1- 679749[/size]
    [size=3]Jon Eric Gibson 1- 679750[/size]
    [size=3]John Demeno 1- 679755[/size]
    [size=3]Albert Echemendia 1- 679758[/size]
    [size=3]Jack Dugan 1- 679773[/size]
    [size=3]Douglas Mosiniak 1- 679772[/size]
    [size=3]Alan Jeffrey Campbell 1- 679779[/size]
    [size=3]Doug Sims 1- 679780[/size]
    [size=3]Vince deMarteleire 1- 679809[/size]
    [size=3]Steve Boxma 1- 679808[/size]
    [size=3]Brendan Paul Stamps 1- 679805[/size]
    [size=3]Michael Veldhoff 1- 679802[/size]
    [size=3]Andrew Giancontieri 1- 679799[/size]
    [size=3]Joe Young 1- 679792[/size]
    [size=3]Jill Arsenault 1- 679789[/size]
    [size=3]Joseph Huya 1- 679859[/size]
    [size=3]John Betz 1- 679858[/size]
    [size=3]David Hogan 1- 679860[/size]
    [size=3]Charlie Groff 1- 679863[/size]
    [size=3]Nick Marzilli 2-679848, 679849[/size]
    [size=3]Jan Geib 2- 679969, 679970[/size]
    [size=3]Scott Arden 2-680088, 680089[/size]
    [size=3]Charles Horner 2-680086, 680087[/size]
    [size=3]Dave Bennette 2-680083, 680084[/size]
    [size=3]Mandy Hagerl 2- 680080-680081[/size]
    [size=3]Robert Vesper 2-680077, 680078[/size]
    [size=3]Jeff Gladney 2-680074, 680075[/size]
    [size=3]David Smyth 2-680068, 680069[/size]
    [size=3]Dan Rochat 2-680065, 680066[/size]
    [size=3]James Stevenson 2- 680053, 680054[/size]
    [size=3]Fred McManus sr 2- 680041, 680042[/size]
    [size=3]Thomas Roper 2- 680091, 680092[/size]
    [size=3]Louis Giancontieri 2- 680108, 680109[/size]
    [size=3]Doug Thumser 2- 680116, 680117[/size]
    [size=3]Authur Hickey 2- 679978, 679979[/size]
    [size=3]Dano Garrett 2- 679981, 679982[/size]
    [size=3]Matt Montineri 2-679961, 679962[/size]
    [size=3]Kenneth Viken 2-679952, 679953[/size]
    [size=3]Glenn Berry 2- 679954,679955[/size]
    [size=3]Jerry Ellsworth 2-679958, 679959[/size]
    [size=3]Jason Borchers 2- 679946, 679947[/size]
    [size=3]Sparky Olsen 2-679944,679945[/size]
    [size=3]Carol Brown 2-679922, 679923[/size]
    [size=3]James Brown 2-679920,679921[/size]
    [size=3]Robert Rosenberg 2-679894,679895[/size]
    [size=3]Kent Perroux 2-679892,679893[/size]
    [size=3]Bruce Johnson 2-679890,679891[/size]
    [size=3]Leonard Piecuch 2- 679888, 679889[/size]
    [size=3]Kevin Kronseder 2- 679886, 679887[/size]
    [size=3]Brad Zastrow 2- 679884, 679885[/size]
    [size=3]Randy Schleuss 2- 679882, 679883[/size]
    [size=3]Jim Barbuti 2-679881, 679915[/size]
    [size=3]James Werst 2- 679896,679897[/size]
    [size=3]Kent Bucciere 2-679846,679847[/size]
    [size=3]Robert Anselmo 2-679819,679820[/size]
    [size=3]Richard Darling 2-679822,679823[/size]
    [size=3]Don Holtz 2-679844,679845[/size]
    [size=3]Greg Reno 2-679832,679833[/size]
    [size=3]Joel Colquett 2-679829,679830[/size]
    [size=3]Dave Belcovson 2- 679560, 679561[/size]
    [size=3]John J Marotta Sr. 2- 679547, 679548[/size]
    [size=3]Neil Wallace 2- 679697, 679698[/size]
    [size=3]Robert H Lahue 2- 679689, 679690[/size]
    [size=3]Peter Smith 2- 679691, 679692[/size]
    [size=3]Caleb Reese 2- 679685, 679686[/size]
    [size=3]Brian Carroll 2- 679672, 679673[/size]
    [size=3]Tommy Kimball 2-679675, 679676[/size]
    [size=3]Jason Woods 2- 679677, 679678[/size]
    [size=3]Vicki Reese 2- 679679, 679680[/size]
    [size=3]Randy N Cosh 2- 679663, 679664[/size]
    [size=3]Keith Nunez 2- 679655, 679656[/size]
    [size=3]Mark Walters 2- 679657, 679658[/size]
    [size=3]Bryan A Schmitz 2- 679659, 679660[/size]
    [size=3]Jennifer Schmidt 2- 679649, 679650[/size]
    [size=3]Jerry Memoli 2- 679641, 679642[/size]
    [size=3]Chris Corcoran Sr. 2- 679634, 679635[/size]
    [size=3]Ernest Meyers 2- 679636, 679637[/size]
    [size=3]William Lynch 2679638, 679639[/size]
    [size=3]Greig Lutz 2- 679627, 679628[/size]
    [size=3]Robert Nelems 2- 679631, 679632[/size]
    [size=3]Brian Surguy 2- 679525, 679631[/size]
    [size=3]Thomas Anselmi 2- 679537, 679538[/size]
    [size=3]Ben Walker 2- 679539, 679540[/size]
    [size=3]Tim Smith 2- 679623, 679624[/size]
    [size=3]Brad Osborne 2- 679597, 679598[/size]
    [size=3]Jack Ohanesian 2- 679599, 679600[/size]

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    Re: Raffle ends TODAY AT 6PM (Monday)

    [size=3]Robert Goodwin 2- 679601, 679602[/size]
    [size=3]Mitchell Mowery 2- 679594, 679595[/size]
    [size=3]Jim Eilbacher 2- 679711, 679712[/size]
    [size=3]Paul Rosenthal 2- 679565, 679566[/size]
    [size=3]Mike Defrees 2- 679714, 679743[/size]
    [size=3]Charlie Barbera 2- 679568, 679569[/size]
    [size=3]Wade Stultz 2- 679527, 679530[/size]
    [size=3]Rodney Yamasaki 2- 679528, 679529[/size]
    [size=3]Ron Yamasaki 2- 679532, 679781[/size]
    [size=3]Fred J Lackey 2- 679708, 679709[/size]
    [size=3]John W Blake 2- 679574, 679575[/size]
    [size=3]Fred Pucillo 2- 679576, 679577[/size]
    [size=3]Brian Nylaan 2-679544, 679545[/size]
    [size=3]Brock & Blake Gratton 2- 679715, 679716[/size]
    [size=3]Cathy Rogosich 2- 679718, 679719[/size]
    [size=3]George Eisenhart 2- 679777, 679778[/size]
    [size=3]Corey Bakken 2- 679756, 679757[/size]
    [size=3]Rolf Hallberg 2- 679745, 679746[/size]
    [size=3]John Durante Jr 2- 679790, 679791[/size]
    [size=3]Art Cokely 2- 679806, 679807[/size]
    [size=3]Bernard Neuhaus 2- 679803, 679804[/size]
    [size=3]Keneth Helbling 2- 679800, 679801[/size]
    [size=3]Michael Merola 2- 679797, 679798[/size]
    [size=3]James Patterson 2- 679787, 679788[/size]
    [size=3]Clay Williams 3-679898, 679899, 679900[/size]
    [size=3]Brian Burdick 3-680070, 680071, 680072[/size]
    [size=3]Dan Dillon 3- 679555, 679556, 679557[/size]
    [size=3]Edmund Wilowski 3-679825, 679826,679827[/size]
    [size=3]Hans Haedelt 3-679643, 679644, 679645[/size]
    [size=3]Dawson Baker 3- 679591, 679592, 679593[/size]
    [size=3]Mike Fosse 3- 679562, 679563, 679564[/size]
    [size=3]Marc Lamont 3- 679781, 679782, 679783[/size]
    [size=3]Ralph Stump 4-680112, 680113, 680114, 680115[/size]
    [size=3]William Lynch 4-680101, 680102, 680103, 680104[/size]
    [size=3]Keith McCue 4-680060, 680061, 680062, 680063[/size]
    [size=3]Jeff Brauer 4- 679901, 679902, 679903, 670904[/size]
    [size=3]Michael Agolia 4- 679965, 679966, 679967, 679968[/size]
    [size=3]Robert Glover 4-679924,679925,679926,679927[/size]
    [size=3]Karen Nelems 4- 679854, 679855, 679856, 679857[/size]
    [size=3]Ted Ginnity 4- 679850, 679851, 679852, 679853[/size]
    [size=3]Brian Schienle 4- 679810, 679811, 679812, 679813[/size]
    [size=3]Jack Tatum 4- 679814, 679815,679816, 679817[/size]
    [size=3]Larry Spruell 4- 679837, 679838, 679839, 679840[/size]
    [size=3]Mark Terry 4- 679704, 679705, 679706, 679707[/size]
    [size=3]Rich Quandt 4- 679693, 679694, 679695, 679696[/size]
    [size=3]Shawn Smith 4- 679681, 679682, 679683, 679684[/size]
    [size=3]Jonathan Herbster 4- 679666, 679667, 679668, 679669[/size][size=3]
    George Wilde 4- 679586, 679587, 679588, 679589[/size]

    [size=3]Charles Walinske 4-679585, 679740, 679741, 679742[/size]
    [size=3]Brad Harrington 4- 679580, 679581, 679582, 679583[/size]
    [size=3]Andre Boettcher 4- 679751, 679752, 679753, 679754[/size]
    [size=3]Michael Rempel 4- 679793, 679794, 679795, 679796[/size]
    [size=3]Brian Schienle 4- 679810, 679811, 679812, 679813[/size]
    [size=3]Stephanie Lesiak 5-680055-680059[/size]
    [size=3]John Gregorio 5-680096-680100[/size]
    [size=3]Candy Kennedy 6- 679549- 679554[/size]
    [size=3]Michael Ogden 6- 679971--679976[/size]
    [size=3]Paul Kappus 7- 679861, 679862, 679774, 679775,679776, 679629, 679630[/size]
    [size=3]Robert Davis8- 679651,679652,679653,679654,679985,679986,679987,679988[/size]
    [size=3]Dan Nyt 10-680043-680052[/size]
    [size=3]Jeff Bohm 10- 679905ó679914[/size][size=3]
    Michael Pines 10- 679930ó679939

    [size=3]William Schade 10- 680029-680038[/size]
    [size=3]Edward Zaldokas Jr. 13- 679759- 679771[/size]
    [size=3]Jim Kennard 20- 679989-680008[/size]
    [size=3]William Tague 20- 679720- 679739[/size]
    [size=3]Nick Sakoutis 40- 679602--679621 6880009ó680028[/size]


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    Re: Raffle ends TODAY AT 6PM (Monday)

    Pull my ticket ?????????????????????????????
    2014 OPA-APBA National Champion Class 7 .Hauling Trash 725.

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    Re: Raffle ends TODAY AT 6PM (Monday)

    im feelin lucky !!

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    Re: Raffle ends TODAY AT 6PM (Monday)

    please be patient with us, it is very hectic here today. don't worry, if you get your e-mail or voice mail in by 6pm you will get a ticket

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