Tom and Jeff hope all is well. What I remember - yep Soo Bad was orig. a red Sonic owned by Scott. His mother owned Parkside Marina where he kept it - only marina around with Cam2 fuel. Bought it from who I though was pres. of Anheuser Bush as it had "this buds for you" or some phrase on the bottom of the hull so when he planed off you could read it. On the aft sides it said " Twin 551 Hawks" and on the transom "Caymen Islands". Always had the best looking girls on it - some of the first thongs in the area. Matching red windbreakers for crew - all the fun stuff back then.

Later Scott wet sanded it down, shot it all in white, and think he threw balloons filled with different colors down the sides, gutted the interior out, and then as I remember added injection. Friend did some work for him last summer and I said ask him about Soo Bad and it brought a big smile.

Few of the others around at that time out of Holland - Black 38 Scarab- "Mine", 39 CC Stinger "Insatiable", 38 Scarab " Snafu", 38 Cig- "Bad Habit". Can't remember them all.