Same as my car and trucks thread. Boats that appear the most on each others lists will become the master list of the ten best of all time.

10-Chris Craft 18' runabout from the 50's: wood and was one of the first times I've riden in a small boat. Should have taken it when my Grand Mother offered it to me!!!!!

9- Sidewinder 18': a place on lake Okanogan rented them with eggbeater's, looked fast, but it was the first "fast" boat I got to drive and use all alone.

8-Correct Craft Ski Natique: learned how to ski behind one and kind of reminds me of the CC.

7-Silverline Farallon 18': family's first none cabin cruiser.

6-Cougar 27 MTR: just like it and first actually fast boat I've driven.

5-Kavalk 19' Classic: mahogony decks, mixed with modern hull, our neighbor did not have to pay nor ask twice to take this puppy to the marina for gas runs on their behalf!!!!

4-Sea Ray 17' Seaville: my first boat that had a real steering wheel and also it was'nt a Bayliner.

3-Chris Craft Stinger: would not have started watching Miami Vice before my friends without seeing it while flipping channels.

2- Donzi 22 Classic: although toss up between their Criterion or Minx, one of the nicest boats for looks ever made......

1- Cigarette TG: although an all white mid eighties FD is just as cool looking.