I am not sure what you mean by "skeered", do you mean "they aint steered"?

I dont doubt that the american race boats are fast, but the racers are - according to the statements of the oldies from HORBA - not at all used anymore to offshore-racing in rough waters but do rather next-to-the-shore-racing. And I am really worried sick that they are not used to the high seas the racers here in Europe are used to. The racers here race offshore in rough water like real men do!! I would be really sorry if the american race teams find out that they are not used to that anymore.
You know, if the waves are not rough enough we order the tugs to push the waves higher and the girlies are screaming of joy, and the kiddies are smiling, and the tugs playing soccer, and and then when the waves are still not high enough we lend the Queen Mary II and shovel her upside down and round and round till the waters are rough enough!! And our racers are the sons of these girlies!!

And all this looks like that, really I am only worried that it might be better if you american racers stay at home with Mom and Pa, you are just not used to so high waves like the girlies here are - and they like it rough: