Just got off the water! The weather is horrable. The rain and wind have been driving hard from the east. I was about ten seconds from stepping off the boat when someone on the radio started talking about being hard aground. The Captian was running a forty foot Henkley Jet drive down to the Miami Boat Show When he struck a sand bar. I untied the cheyenne and ran up to just north of the Jupiter Inlet on th Intercoastal water way . This fellow had all forty feet high centered on the west shoal. I had to take him stern to stern with a bridal at set to hold me at fortyfive degrees off his port stern quarter. I began about fifty to sixty feet away and blew out a pothole astern of my vessel . every time the pot hole got big enough I shortend my tow line until I was only about fifteen feet away and could use my prop wash to blow the sandbar from beneath the Henkley. The henkley setteled some two feet down into the pot hole that I dug under her and slowly she slid back untill she was back into the channel. The bill came to around one thousand fifty Dollars and took about two and one half Hours. I wonder If that Marine Surveyor has done anything like that ! What did you do on your Sunday. P.S. This is the Sister Ship to The Cheyenne, The vessle I run out of Jupiter.