Hello. I have a Char-Lynn helm on my boat. It is fed by a large power steering pump that was originally used for a Hamilton jet. The drive is an Arneson. I don't know when the noise started because I have not had the drive very long, but there is a vibration and a bunch of noise coming from the helm when I turn the wheel. The drive still turns, although sometimes at idle and out of gear the wheel is very difficult to turn. I don't think the belt that drives the pump is slipping because when I lift the hood and watch the pump and belt while the wheel is turning the belt looks OK. Now, if I turn the wheel to full hard over in either direction, then the belt squeals, which I guess is normal?

So, what do you think? Bad helm, bad pump or ??

The other thing that is wierd is that when I am running on top and I let go of the steering wheel the steering wheel will very slowly turn to the right. I would think that with hydraulic steering the steering wheel would stay where you left it. It is a single engine boat, so, I would expect that the boat might prefer going to the right.

Any ideas would be appreciated.