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Here's the old crate engine marine use question again. Obviously the LS7 GM is using in the Corvette is not just any old crate engine. It is hand assembled with a with titanium connecting rods, CNC'd high flow heads, special oil pump, etc.,etc. The problem with this paticular engine for marine use is that it makes its 505HP at almost 7000rpms and its peak torque of only 440 ft/lbs at 5500 rpms which is in my opionion way to high in rpm and low on torque at to high an rpm for good non-racing high performance marine use. At a decent cruise rpm its torque would be down around 300 ft./lbs and it would be lugging.

I am not sure where you are getting your horsepower and torque figures from. I'm looking on GM's website, and the LS7 is rated at 505 horsepower at 6300 rpm, and 470 ft-lbs at 4800 rpm. At a more typical marine rpm of 5500, it still makes 490 horsepower. It produces just over 400 ft-lbs at 2500 rpm, which I would consider quite decent for any cruising. Even at 1000 rpm, it is producing about 330 ft-lbs. These numbers are SAE certified.