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Sounds like everyone has about the same philosophy as I do. I can guarantee that I have never been legally drunk driving my boat. I just wanted to get a feel for how you guys deal with it. Also, I don't have a fast boat, I have a pleasure boat that I fill with friends and family, drive out to the sandbars, anchor and have a good time. It would be a different story if I was out there to fly around. In my many years of boating, I have never been pulled over for anything (knock on wood) I just wanted to see what you guys thought about the subject. Thanks for the replies.

P.S. I have a 23' Yamaha Jet boat with twins. I know I don't belong here ( someday I will), but other forums I have read really suck and you guys seem real knowledgable and most importantly you don't knock eachother...too much
I'm in agreement with the don't be an azz, and save the real partying for your final destination - or if the partying breaks out, make that your final destination and be prepared to spend a night in the cabin.

P.S. Don't apologize for the boat you're running. I'd be willing to bet at least 30% here are currently either boatless (me included), they own a Cruiser, or their boat hasn't seen water in at least a year.