Those dirty dogs. I live in Fairfax County VA, a very conservative and political county outside Washington DC. Fairfax County mind you, is the most wealthy county gov't in the nation behind Orange County CA. They spend more on the a Harley Davidson Cop Motorcycle than they do for the Ford Crown Vics. In a neighboring community the Volvo dealer ran for state office, and gave his city juristiction brand new Volvos for marked cop cars. I know that all over the country, some Legal systems use seized vehicles for Cop vehicles. My old roommate is a US Marshall, and they have several warehouses of seized and specially modified vehicles all across the country for undercover work. However, this one blew me away. Yesterday during our sudden ice freeze at rush hour I saw an all white, 1999/2000 vintage, Chevy K3500 Dually with a Snug-top shell, Alcoa rims, and all the nice bolt ons, had responded to an accident. This unit was completely undercover, as blue lights were flashing from everywhere on it, but they were all hidden. I usually can spot the Units when out on the roads, even most of the undercover units, but this one and the Ford Explorer Sport-Trak K9 unit, all black, with dark tinted windows, I saw last month really got me!
Troutly, and the rest of you fine gents with a badge, have my utmost respect, but man you guys are getting shifty sometimes!!!
Just had to share.


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