I have an 03 Fountain with a stock 496HO. I have cleared all fault history from the ecu including both active faults and freeze frame seconds etc... The sc 1000 gauge constantly gives me the flashing bell & check engine icon as to alert of an engine malfunction defined in the manual. The following codes were present:

1. 191 - fuel level 2 circ high
2. 118 - steering position circ high
3. 75 - fuel level 1 circ high
4. 94 - pitot pressure circ low
5. 131 - trim sensor circ low

All of these codes are "soft" codes and are considered normal on my boat because those options are not installed and the computer is looking for them by default. This will not change.

However, #5 trim limit sender like the previous four listed will not generate a beep at the helm but it WILL trigger the alarm in any of the SmartCraft guages. My question is:?????

How do you install a "dummy" sort of relay or trick the ecu into thinking that the trim limit is hooked up and working? I thought about rotating the limit unit 180 degrees and trying to adjust it so that outgoing signal would "fool" the ecu. Anybody had to fix this yet? Shoulda been a wrench!!