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The comment about OSO being too fast I thought was a good name for the thread so people would click on it. Perhaps the perception is off and thank you for bringing that to my attention.


the only restricted area on PBO is the uncensored, if you request we can give access to it.

PBO is designed to not have a membership so it is difficult to keep under age people from entering the uncensored.

As far as post count pm me what the problem is and I will take a look at it.
The post count was just a joke - I couldn't care less about that - just bustin' ballz.
Yeah, I'd like access to the entire site. Do I need to request it from PBO, or is this acceptable?

I hope the new site takes off as well as this one, and I'm in full support of getting more people on the boards sharing information - or just giving each other a hard time.