Thanks everyone: I haven't been on lately I was busy getting the new web site up and running: As far as my birthday my wife took me to Atlantic City drank to many JDs and to many casinos make you run out of money real quick and they say Poker Runs are expensive. but I had a real good time turning 54 S**Ks especilly when you keep getting ARRP cards in the mail! I would't even use one if I had one, I don't want a senior discount ( I told my wife) I guess its time to sell the boat, sell my sports car, motorcycle and sell the house. Move into a retirement village, buy a Buick and a Bicycle, go to all you can eat buffets (Use My Card) and go on Wed Senior night, Forget Atlantic City its BINGO for me and rent a 14 ft boat so I can go Grabbing. WOW how depressing.. So i guess i will keep drinking my JDs keep my boat, car, house young wife and send back the ARRP card.