Dear all,

This is my first post on this forum, so I'll start off with a couple of lines on myself. I live in Malta (EU) and endorse the same hobby as you mates, that is fast boats. I drive a 27ft powerboat fitted with stock Merc 454 Magnum and Bravo One Z-Drives.

I'm looking for a good store where to store service parts such as oil filters, anodes, bellows, gaskets etc. that can ship me the goods. Most important of all I'm looking for a replacement exhaust manifolds to replace the standard cast iron ones. Does anyone know or have a second hand set of replacement exhaust and is willing to sell it at a reasonable price? Now that I'm changing them I was gonna opt for some after-market products such as EMI Thunder or a set of SS 4 in 1 like the ones produced by CMI or Stellings, to improve performance. My current setup is thru-transom exhausts with Quicksilver mufflers at the end. I also had in mind to eliminate the front belt driven waterpump.

Can someone suggest me a place where to get a second hand set of performance exhausts? Many thanks for your help, looking forward to hear from you