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I worked at Suntime boat and jetski rentals on the south river in annapolis all through high school. It should be illegal to rent boats to people without a boaters safety certificate of their own. The state would allow us to give a 10 question test for a temporary certificate. They could take the SAME test as many times as required to get the necessary passing grade. It was ridiculous. I can't even begin to tell you how many boating accidents we dealt with each year.

That being said. At least a rental boat is clearly marked on the side as a rental. This means STAY AWAY.

What really scares me are the guys who go out and buy their own boat with even less knowledge then the ones who were given instructions by the rental center staff. The bottom line is, it will never be safe on the water until they adopt a licensing system similar to a state drivers license.
Here in NJ you need a safety certificate to rent a jetski. Now with the safety cert. needed for all boaters, I would assume the same applies?

Here's the kicker though... Someone we know, never owned a boat, but wants to get one.. She told my wife that she wants the safety certificate so they can show her how to drive.... We told her she'd have to get driving lessons for that.... Major misconception...