This is the system diagram and pictures of part of the system layout so far new pictures coming soon. They are different sizes because of the camera settings were changed during photographing. Thank you to our incredible team for all their passion, vision, and hard work.

All feedback is always is appreciated

Source Units: Clarion Pro Audio

CD Changer: Clarion Pro Audio

Video: Toshiba LCD Panel

Video Game System: Xbox 360

Satellite Radio: Clarion

Ipod Systems: Marantz

Speakers: Dynaudio

Subwoofers: Treo Engineering Street Series

Speaker Amplifier: Zapco Competition

Subwoofer Amplifier: Zapco Competition

Wiring: Audioquest & Stinger

Battery: SVR

Power Supply: Cascade Audio Engineering

Power Inverter: 1000 watt pure sign wave power inverter

Audio/video switcher: Elan

System Controller: RTI U1 & RTI T3

There are almost 100 pictures that can be viewed at: