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I have one thats 17 years old and IMHO it still looks pretty decent. You won't find one stress crack on her either.

As far as purchasing a "real" performance boat goes, wellI don't have the luxury of being able to spend a few hundred grand on one....and most the places I boat people still view mine as a performance boat anyway...and so do I. Perception I suppose.
My family had a boat just like that in 91. Same colors and all. My family has had three baja's last one was a 1996 32 OL with 525SC's and it ran about as well as anyone at the time. I really like the baja's and didn't ever have one problem with any one of them.

That being said I would not buy another one. I just feel that the hull design just hasn't kept up with the rest of the market. After driving my last boat with a stepped hull I feel it is the only way to go. If they ever change the hulls or at least give the option to have a stepped hull I would change my mind in a second.