I was interested to read some posts about some companies that may or may not be doing so well in the Marine Industy. Seemed that they may have been playing the old Enron "creative financing" games, or just not selling well. I would like to know what we know about the state of some of the manufatureres like the struggleing Fountain and the rumored as of late Power Play and some others? I would also like to know if any of the manufacturers are doing better then ussual. What do you think is setting them apart? I know that with my business that I have been swamped with work. I think that I am in the same catagory as a boat. Completely luxury and in no way needed!!!! It seems to me that with the very low interest rates that are currently available people are taking advantavge of them and buying in some cases a lot more then they originally thought they would. I wonder why that would not be the same for the marine industry. We are both working in the same size systems/boats. For example I am currently doing a house that the guy btwn all of us working on it is probably in the area of 700K in audio/video. I also am doing quite a number of houses in the 40-50K range and a few in btwn. I would think that is about the same as the Boat world. A high end Top Gun or Outerlimits or new smaller boat.


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