Here is an update for those who have been following this. Trial comes up in a few weeks. We think we have a chance to win,but we need more money. When Alabama Power Company got involved,it doubled our expenses. They have unlimited funds,and one of the largest law firms in the state to fight our grassroots effort and our one attorney. Good news is,we have heard from a reliable source that if we win round one,there will be no appeal,it's over. Bad news is,if we lose round one the other 8 lakes will be added to the ban. It is important that we win this first round. We have already spent way more than we anticipated,but we must have more to continue. If we lose,any boat over 26'11" long and capable of 60 mph will be banned on 11 Alabama lakes. Not grandfathered in,but banned immediately,they cannot be operated.And all other boats over 30'6" regardless of speed,will be banned.There are several threads about the situation,but I am not computer smart enough to find them. We have a Paypal account for donations,[email protected],or write a check to Frank M.Wilson,attorney,and mail to Nelems Marine,13239 Hiway 78,Jasper,AL 35501. This law is so vague and unconstituational that is is unbelievable,but it passed,and the 6 of us that sued the state are the only line of defense that Alabama boaters have against an unfair law. Donations to our legal fund in any amount are greatly appreciated. Alabama Power may be big and rich,but they are wrong on this one.Help us win this,your state,or your lake,may be next.