This is the first time it has rained on a weekend here in Holland. Thats ok, I have some cleaning to do from the Hanky Panky party. I brought my lab KC and she was a major chick magnet. I had girls jumping on the boat all day to pet her, some even showed her their chest I of course had to authorize this as she is only 2 1/2 yrs old. I saw Parnell, Curtis and John and I am sure some other OSOers saw me, we had 8 on the Zodiac...yes I had 12 PFDs ...for the Jungle Larry Tour and we made the rounds thru the 100+ boats rafted in the cove. At about 7 a mad dash to the channel started.....40+ super drunk fools took off and raced there....I stayed back and watched. It was sure nice to not drink, 2 of my buddies passed out in the truck and missed the fireworks, I came back to find one in the back of the Excursion sleeping with KC on her dog bed No one was hurt this day which is good. On one tour we did catch a dude just before he went under, he was too drunk to sit Little lone swim and he had no PFD. He grabbed the side ropes and we idled to his boat...he was too drunk to get himself in. Whenever we were in tight quarters and had swimmer's all around I just told them to relax, the prop was soft... The next big weekend is Labor Day so clear your calendar and get there....lots of local talent will be there again.