August 14, 2007 : Although the current Pro-Series Tour is only mid way through its 2007 schedule, a number of fans and race teams have asked where the Offshore Pro-Series will be racing in 2008.
The 2008 Tour is currently being put together, and will once again feature some of the best offshore race venues in the nation.
A spokesperson for the Pro-Series speaking about the 2008 Tour plans had this comment; “A key objective of the Pro-Series is to establish an annual Tour schedule of high quality offshore race events that provide our participating members with optimum fan exposure for both their teams and their sponsors. In establishing the annual Tour schedule, consideration is given to venues that have a proven interest in powerboat racing, a recognized offshore fan base and strong media coverage. With this in mind, in 2008, the Pro-Series will continue its direction of competing on a schedule of races, produced by a number of powerboat racing sanctioning organizations.”
The current 2007 Pro-Series Tour is scheduled for ten cities in six states across the nation.

The Offshore Pro-Series is comprised of a consortium of professional powerboat racing teams that compete on a nationwide circuit of powerboat races, sanctioned by DRRA, OSS, SBI, OPA, and POPRA. The Series includes many of the fastest boats on the national offshore circuit.
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