I talked to the factory at length about this several years ago (before it was sold to it's currnet owners who don't seem to want to talk to anyone). I raised mine 2.5" like Traviss said. BUT, I added about 125 hp at the same time. I got 70 mph out of it with about 475 hp. Handles like a dream. No loss of hole shot. BUT, it does seem to porpoise a bit at WOT. I don't have that motor anymore, but the drive is still up. If I were to do it all over again, I'd go with the shorter drive instead. Less work. I got Baja to send me the plug they cut out of the transom for a bravo drive. My glass guy simply tabbed it into the old hole, then cut the new one a few days later. Worked like a charm he said. Wonders why he never thought of that before??? Said he will always do it that way from now on.

Remember though, the 25 Outlaw has a different bottom than the 24. The 25 has a small notch in the transom.

Oh, and it takes less trim to get to WOT, cruises at less rpm (same speeds), and throws a wicked rooster tail if you want!!!