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UPDATE (This is unbelievable)

I'm out fishing this morning with a neighbor and he starts talking about catching this deer and he points out where he and his buddy took it ashore and revived it. I told him he was full of chit, that was an internet bs story. He was convincing enough that I did a search on it just now and IT'S MY NEIGHBOR IN THE PICTURES!!!! He's only lived here for about a year in my hood, so I didn't know him when the pictures were taken. he's the one in the white t-shirt.

Chesapeake Bay just off of the southern tip of kent island.

Wow. CAn you say small world? Hope the critter made it.

A couple years back when I was still in NJ, a deer had run onto the beach in Spring Lake (I think), and ran into the water when he got scared. The waves were pretty bad, and pushing him into the jettys. He was in trouble. A couple of construction workers on their lunch at the beach managed to save him.