Hey Kansas boaters: The time is now to call your state reps and tell to support bill HB 2679!!!

A hearing on a new boat muffler/sound levels bill will be held Tuesday at 3:30 PM in Room 519S at the Capitol in Topeka. There are two bills, actually. HB 2657 and HB 2679. Bill 2679 is the one we want passed. HB 2657 is the changes proposed by Wildlife and Parks.

Bill 2679 is the one we want our reps to back. Don't be confused by the sound level measurement levels of 90 dB in Bill 2679 and the 91 per SAE J2005 in Bill 2657. More is NOT better in this case!! J2005 is a much more structured and physically closer test than 50 feet. Sound dissipates rather quickly over distance.