FEBRUARY 14, 2002

Miami, Florida

“Torque Engineering Corporation Announces New Price Savings."

Torque Engineering Corporation’s (OTC Bulletin Board: TORQ) President Ray Wedel is pleased to announce new price levels. “In our further commitment to the customer we have lowered our pricing by as much as 25% on some models. We are able to this by reducing our manufacturing costs and refining tooling for additional savings. This puts us in an extremely competitive price point with comparable V-8’s. You get 50% more engine without paying 50% more price.”

Torque Engineering Corporation is releasing the new pricing levels for all engines in conjunction with the 61st Miami International Boat Show. The show opens February 14th, 2002 and runs through February 19th, 2002.

“When spreading the power over 50% more cylinders (four additional cylinders than a V-8 engine) you naturally have less stresses in comparable horsepower ranges. This in turn is directly proportional to reliability which is why our products come with a one year warranty,” says Ray Wedel.

Torque Engineering is currently offering three models and now introducing the fourth. All models are lightweight, aluminum, 14-liter (860 cubic inches) V-12 engine for the marine pleasure boating industry. Three models are naturally aspirated and the newest is with twin centrifugal supercharges. All feature advanced electronic digital engine management systems, developing 900 to 1400+ horsepower. The TORQUE V-12 engines produce the highest known power for a production engine utilizing pump gasoline.

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