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Thanks guys for all the responces.... I would never buy a boat without a visual inspection and a test ride, especially not for this kind of money.

Paradox, the boat I want is in New York and I am in Southest Texas. It's like 1600+ miles from me. I screwed up and really have my heart set on this particular one... and the worst part is I am waiting for my money to come through on selling my racecar.

So I am just trying to get a feel for what I'll be doing (hopefully) in a couple weeks.
Well... if we can help, let us know. Many OSO members would be willing to check out the boat for you. I'm sure. And if you need.. my sister is in NY so she can check it out also. She is a boat nut to, but more in the cruisers now, not in the HP boats.
She grew up a bit.. I haven't