I used this store for many things and they are great. If you guys could help and vote it would be awsome. PLus those of you who are around the area, may know about the 1st run to block with me and could join in the little party they hold if they win
Thanks All

Hi everyone,
Golddiggers Jewelers NEEDS YOUR HELP!
Last year we were chosen " The Best of Rhode Island " by Rhode Island Monthly Magazine-
This year we want to be voted the BEST by our customers and friends. So...in the true spirit of the American way, We are trying to solicit for your vote!
IT IS IMPORTANT! & you could win a $500 free trip to Block Island!
*The votes need to be one per e-mail address
*The ballot looks confusing, just type GOLDDIGGERS Block Island , everywhere, anywhere you can
like the sample I sent you.