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    Quote Originally Posted by team Tickfaw View Post
    Other than the obvious tools to work on stuff over the years and several breakdowns and medical emergency's here goes.
    1-Assorted stainless hose clamps, on down to the Mini size used on feul lines.
    2-Electrical tape, the good stuff, 3M #33.
    3-Assorted electrical connections, splices, ring connections, fuses.
    4-Home made circuit tester ( 12 volt light bulb in a socket with probe on 1 wire and gator clip on other wire.
    5-Pen type extendable magnet.
    6-Assorted pipe thread plugs. Down to 1/4 inch.
    7-Teflon tape
    8-Hose repair kit. These are plastic sleeves in a couple of sizes of the hose you use on engine cooling. Cut hose at hole, insert sleeve and clamp back together.
    9-1 spare belt for everything.
    10-Pry bar used for tightening that belt when you change it.
    11-Mechanix gloves to use when that craps hot.
    12-Water impeller housing and impeller. I rotate my spare impeller every season. (use spare, buy new for spare)
    13-6 inch pipe wrench. Get a good one, proto or ridgid. Hard to find. China is crap. Surprised what you can use for.
    14-Coil wire.
    15-Largest bottle of Regular Dawn dish liquid.
    16-Cell phone charger that stays in boat.
    17- Fresh tube of 5200.
    18-Stainless tie wire.
    19-2 water proof lights. Pella brand. Bright sobs can use these to headlight with.
    20-Leatherman tool with lanyard. To cut crap from prop.
    21- Zip ties medium to large. Indutrial places have these really thick ones that a knife has trouble cutting. 12-18inches long.
    22-Plastic container with assorted bolts, washers, cotter pins, even small ones like for throttle cable barrel. Screws,.
    23- 8" peice of broom/mop handle. Can use for a plug.
    24-4 spark plugs pre gapped.
    25-thermastat and gasket
    26-Gorilla tape
    27-Needle nose vise grip and regular vise grips. Get the good ones.
    28-My trusty mercruiser book/manual.
    29-Coil if single engine
    30-2 drain plugs
    31-Copy of insurance
    32- Motor cycle helment open face with clear visor. Don't laugh, try it when it rains, no problem at all at speed.
    33-Rain jacket
    34-Extendable mechanics mirror.
    35- length of 3/8 fuel line.
    36-Full bottle of Stoli vodka just in case of towed in.

    I know alittle long but does not take that much room. Trust me I have added things over time that I wished I had when I broke down. Obviously you add to your particular boat and its special needs. Always remember to offer to pay for tow in but never accept payment. When motor hatch is up, stop and ask if assistance is needed. Even if down if things don't look right, they proably are not. Ask anyway, you know we hate to ask "directions" we are proud types .
    Excellent list... 2 additional item I always carry is a battery jump box and a set of jumper cables. The jump box comes in really handy when you get back to the landing and your buddy left the truck lights on all day and drained the battery

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    Quote Originally Posted by otis311 View Post
    A full cooler is a must for all repairs/ breakdowns

    Quote Originally Posted by masher44 View Post
    tow rope

    Quote Originally Posted by Sydwayz View Post

    An assortment of hose clamps in ALL sizes.
    Hi-Temp RTV silicone (You can use hose clamps, silicone, and a beer can to repair a broken water hose; I've seen it done).
    WaterWeld (JB product that works underwater.)

    There is a new tape at Home Depot/Lowes that is stronger than duct tape. Its called "Gorilla Tape" and is from the makers of Gorilla Glue. Its STRONG stuff.

    I carry a 4" wide roll of shrink wrap tape.
    I also have a little bag of about 5 replacement freeze plugs and O-rings.

    I carry a new set of accessory/serpentine belts and several new impellers. Also, make sure the tool kit that you carry has the right tools to do the jobs that we do when we are "dry docked." For example, the little tool sets don't often have deep sockets and all of the socket extensions that one may need to get to certain places.

    Years ago, I bought two small duffel bags from WalMart or the like. One is red, and is full of flares, portable radio, whistle, and other "emergency" stuff. The other is blue and is full of much of what I described above. Its pretty easy to grab either bag in the case of emergency, and I can instruct someone else easily as well.
    LMAO!!! Who would have guessed???????????

    I personally take a can of Swipes, a full cooler, a pack of gum in case I get pulled over and my cell.
    I can't talk about it right now, it's being handled by the Postal Inspector. Those guys don't mess around!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rjr View Post
    Spare impellers/ pumps were mentioned in several post. Since the pumps are below the waterline I am wondering if anyone has valves before the pump? My boat doesn't and I am wondering how many of you do.
    I have pulled and changed my SWP on my boat with no valve between the drive and the SWP. Its not a huge amount of water rushing in like I thought. A couple gallons came in before I could lift the input hose up above the water line, but that's it. A small towel stuffed in the opening will also cut the flow to a trickle.

    If you can put a valve in without to much trouble, do it. But its not a necessity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sydwayz View Post
    I have pulled and changed my SWP on my boat with no valve between the drive and the SWP. Its not a huge amount of water rushing in like I thought. A couple gallons came in before I could lift the input hose up above the water line, but that's it. A small towel stuffed in the opening will also cut the flow to a trickle.

    If you can put a valve in without to much trouble, do it. But its not a necessity.
    An oily rag stuffed in the hose works well also.

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    Quote Originally Posted by team Tickfaw View Post
    johnny you are right I forgot that. I like a small 38 special revolver that as first shot is "RAT" shot. I have had a snake in the boat before.
    Yeah, fire arms on a boat in NJ/NY will get your boat confiscated by the coasties in a hurry...good luck with that...

    Plus, you'll need the medical kit when you're out in 6 ft'ers and the gun goes off shooting you in the nut sack....

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    Great additions to the list guys. Very comprehensive.

    I'll probably print this whole thread out when I go stock up.

    Tickfaw, you gotta mind like a steel trap. How did you remember all that stuff????

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    I have everything I need to replace an Impeller. Including the Impeller!

    Oh yeah... A first aid kit and a box of Trojans!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ar15meister View Post
    dont forget the condoms
    Thats for sure

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    Talking mind like a trap???

    Not hardly. That is funny.Just if it happens it has happened to me it seems. But I guess my odds are higher. We boat most all year and every other weekend. All the things listed are from years of adding stuff from learning the hard way. When you learn the hard way it tends to stick with you.
    Like a trap.................. man down here on the tickfaw we're professional drinkers minds like mush.
    Have a great time with your new ride, it will be an experience for sure.

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    Chris, I carry one of those tool kits from either sams club or costco. I forgot where I got it. It comes ina briefcase stlye, I think the brand is "crescent". Has 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2" drives, deep and shallow sockets, wire cutter, needle nose, allen wrenches, torx bits, and screwdrivers. Box wrenches from 1/4" to 5/8.

    As everyones says a sea pump impeller is good to have as a spare, igntion coil, duct tape, small electrical kit from auto parts store that comes with test light, zip ties, fuses, connectors, etc. A tube of silicone always comes in handy.

    I also carry first aid kits. I have one "marine" kit, and another big kit I bought somewhere a while ago that has lots of stuff, big gauze pads, ointments, aspirins, etc, etc.

    The tool kit I mentioned fits nicely in a compartment, and the pieces fit pretty tight, so they dont fall all over. Then I would get a small tool bag, and throw the impellers, adjustable wrench, electric kit, silicone, etc, in there.

    Its always nice to have what you need on board, rather than having to limp home to get a tool, or something stupid that will ruin the day.

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