When I started this project I looked around internet for plans etc. I came across this firm;

This basically worked as a package deal, he designed blueprints per my spec, which I used for permits. And then he provided all materials needed for whole project. Mat'ls came in 5 loads as I called for them. He sells all over country and contacts local lumber yards for special pricing, then sold to me for same price i would have paid anyway. Worked good and his advice was helpful. When I put addition on last spring I just used local sources.

Sewer line ran past barn, so I did stub in for restroom, but have not finished. (out in the country a guy can just step out back). I do have water.

I had electrician who was doing house run line out to barn w/ 100 amp sub panel. I've wired everything from there.

No plans at moment to insulate & heat. We actually run a woodstove fulltime in house which keeps things toasty. As soon as I get done messing with boat in a few weeks, I plan to build a 12 x 24 covered roof for my woodpile.