Just wanted to give a big thanks to Ray at Raylar for his help and advice to my water in the oil problem. He has been very helpful and shed some light on a few things, which i greatly apprecaite.. Its nice to know there is someone out there that knows these motors inside and out.

As for the Oil and water issue, I did the cooling system pressure test, bought the special adapter cap, and borrowed the tester, pumped it up to around 15PSI and let it sit for about 11/2 hrs almost 2 and the needle barley dropped, it didnt move anywhere in the first 5-10 minutes, which hopefully means i dont have any huge leaks. so looks like either winter condinsation or i have a exhaust manifold/riser problem.

The only odd thing is you would think there would me more people having the same trouble Im having if it was winter condinsation or the dana marine exhaust?