We are on our way home in a couple of hours. I just wanted one more time to say thank you to the peole that mad this trip down here so great.

Jeffery and Steve, that was a great party!!

Troutlly and MRS. Troutly, JawBreakerKid and JawBreakerGirl, it was fun sitting and laughing with you guys at the party.
All the OSO people that we met at the party: it's cool to put a face with the name.
We'll see a bunch of you in LOTO

SteveDavid, thanks for the ride and lunch. Remeber if you are up in our area, it's on me next time. We'll have to get our wives together.

Rivergirl sorry we missed you. But, we loved the people and the boats at TNT.

Bye everyone, we'll be back

Mark and Linda