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I side with Dolla on this one,# A if its a sleeper why the td on the side of the boat ? if I boated down there and he said lets race and saw the td on the side of the boat, I would say sure lets get to some real water nice 3 foot chop to loosen my hull.#B he braggs about going 92 or what ever w2ith 4 people in the boat a week ago.#c decides to show up but 85 is the mark.
I remember back in my mis-spent youth, the one way you made money street racing was to piss the other guys, and their buddies, off so much you could get major money thrown down. If some loud-mouth showed up next to me with that and TD on its side , and I had a 100 MPH boat, $ may get thrown out there depending on what buttons he pushed. I think we may find out for sure now. He has pushed all of the right buttons to get a pot over $5000 tossed out, anyone watched "Pinks" lately?