Local Hero Lassoued Joins #88 Kiton Outerlimits

Abla Lassoued will be competing with the #88 Kiton Outerlimits Evolution crew in TunisiaVersatile Tunisian woman racer Abla Lassoued has secured a seat in the #88 Kiton Outerlimits Evolution class boat for this weekend’s Tunisian Grand Prix of the Sea – her home round of the Powerboat P1 championship.

Although most of her recent racing success has been in Dakar rally raid cars, Lassoued has a strong powerboat record, having come fifth in the Offshore Powerboat series in 2003.

She’ll join #88 Kiton Outerlimits pilot Joe Sgro and throttleman and team owner Giancarlo Cangiano in the navigator’s seat this weekend. As a result, Lassoued is only the second woman to race an Evolution class boat in Powerboat P1’s history, following the lead of #77 Lucas Oil pilot Shelley Jory.

“I’m delighted to be racing in the Powerboat P1 championship this weekend – especially as it’s in the Evolution class,” Lassoued said. “My family has always had a passion for speed and, even though I do a lot of rallies, my preference is to be racing boats. I’m also very proud to be representing my country this weekend.”

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