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Man...I am afraid I will be heading down the road with the tanks too. My dad found the fuel water seperators were clogged with a yellowish globby material. I am thinking thats ethanol related. I dont keep much fuel in the boat but we have had ethanol in our fuel now for 3 summers.
Are you sure the yellow globs aren't bad gas? I saw samples of my old tanks glass and it was just soft, not melted...The guys from Skater said that if it's an epoxy lay up, the tanks will eventually get contaminated & leak. They showed me the whole process of repair. They cut the whole cockpit deck out, cut out all the baffles, grind out any bad glass, reline complete tanks with special resin that's impervious to ethanol, and put a new top on the tanks. Skater does all that for $5,000 ! great deal for piece of mind.. Frank and Al @ Skater, who do the repairs, are some of the most thorough talented Glass men iv'e ever met!