If you are planning to attend the OSS National Championship Races on Saturday and Sunday 9/27 and 9/28 at the Horny Toad, maybe you would consider helping as a patrol boat. The Coast Guard has asked that we have 75 boats protecting the race course due to the huge spectator fleet that's expected to assemble around the 4.5 mile course. We have 50already, but they want more.

As a volunteer, you'll have the best seat in the house and be part of the excitement.

The boats will race on Saturday and Sunday so help is needed on both days.

Word just came in that the new JBS Turbine boat will be there along with Miss Geico and there's a good chance a third turbine boat will make an appearance too. Along with the Bud Light team, CRC and Bad Moon Rising, the Extreme Class race should be a pretty impressive site.

If your interested, please email me your name, phone number address, boat type, size and speed. You must have a VHF radio capable of transmitting and receiving on channel 78a.

Or call us at 732 552 0669.

Thank you,

Ron Polli
[email protected]