Immediate Release:
August 15, 2008

As we continue with our annual powerboat event schedule on Long Island Sound, we will run the GLEN COVE POWERBOAT POKER RUN on September 20th with a $2,500.00 Purse. The run is headquartered and hosted by Steamboat Landing Restaurant, Glen Cove, NY.

Five cash prizes will be awarded: $1,250.00 for 1st, $500.00 for 2nd, $250.00 for 3rd, 4th, and 5th each respectively. Additional Trophies will be presented for “King of the Sound Navigators” for Cats and V’s, “Best Looking Boat”, and “Best Looking Crew”.

Boats will arrive on Friday, September 19th and we will have an “a la Carte” Party on Friday Night with an Award’s Party (included in your entry fee) for Saturday Afternoon which will include food, soda, beer, and wine…and a lot of “talk” about the run I am sure. The entry fee is only $400.00 and you get 2 hands in the game and 2 tickets for the Saturday afternoon Award’s Party. Additional tickets will be available for $20.00 each and additional hands are available at $100.00 each.

We will fly the helicopter for videos and photos.

So lets all go to the boat race to support the participants on August 24th and then rally to the GLEN COVE POWERBOAT POKER RUN on September 20th and show them how the Powerboat Poker Runners’ do it!

For further info:

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