We had a complete blast at all three races. Lucky for us the seas stayed a little riled up after the storm.

Thank you Smitty and Anthony for ALL you do and letting us keep the boats safe between races.

Thanks John and all the GEICO team, you guys really make things fun and easy on all the race teams.

Thank you Augie and Louie and Jim Black for the kind words and support over the last few weeks. It really means a lot to me.

Thanks to all the Volounteers and patrol boats and Special thanks to all the STARS Personel and OPA Registration (Mike and Alan especially) for helping us help others try out the great sport we all love. The guys in the boats this weekend LOVED the water and the thrill out on the course.

Thanks to all the class 5 and class 6 competition, Locked Up, Not Guilty, and especially Smith Brother's/Cottner Trailers - great, fun, safe racing. You guys seem to have our number in the calm stuff, so we are sending wave machines to Cambridge and Chatanooga is hopes it may help us land the class title.

See you all in Cambridge and Chatanooga!

Chris Reindl