As Portimao, Portugal becomes Powerboat P1 central this weekend, the heat is on! The British Fountain Worldwide 1st4boats.com, Italian GFN Gibellato and Italian Kiton Outerlimits teams are all in close contention for podium positions. The U.S. manufactured and Ilmor-powered Fountain appears to have first place wrapped up, but the diesel-powered, Italian-built Metamarine team just won an appeal and received 80 points back, leaving it ahead of the U.S. manufactured, Mercury-powered Outerlimits team and closer in the battle for first. Currently in fourth, the Ilmor-powered, American-made Skater of the Italian #53 Pignolo 53 team, is not out of contention for the podium.

A number of scenarios could affect the 190 point spread between Fountain Worldwide 1st4boats.com and GFN Gibellato, especially since the Italian team stands to gain extra points for engine durability (A P1 rules points bonus). Kiton Outerlimits and Pignolo 53 are likewise in a tight battle for second or third, with Kiton only 60 points ahead.

“This type of competition makes Powerboat P1 a true World Championship,” states CEO Jim O’Toole, “Having countries and manufacturers battling down to the wire creates great excitement for the teams and the fans.”

Powerboat P1 has traveled from Italy, France, Malta, Tunisia, Spain and now wraps up its 2008 season in Portugal and the 2009 calendar will be announced soon. The PowerPole will be held on Friday afternoon, the Sprint race on Saturday afternoon and the Endurance race on Sunday afternoon. (check www.powerboatp1.com for times—Portugal is 5 hours ahead of EST.) The races can be heard on P1 radio on the multi-media page of the site. Portugal is the first race site to also provide live local TV press coverage and live radio coverage in English throughout the area.

“Portimao is an excellent race site!” says O’Toole, “We will be pleased to name not only the race winners but the 2008 World Champions here on Sunday afternoon. Powerboat P1 is on a roll and this season has been stellar from start to finish. We are already looking forward to next year!”