SHe would never give up that trip to Turks and cacios
She is a beach bum
Does not want to do a damn thing other than lay on the beach
get tan and just relax. Works for me but Id rather be boating myself but Im not crazy enough to say anything, ill just sit there and get tan, and enjoy it and think about pounding some waves in the islands.
So im gathering no one here actually OWNS a 330XI???
I have tried to deviate her on the car but she is a stickler, so be it.
Honestly, it has that steptronic trans which is SCHWEET (cant get a 6 spd cause she cant drive and WONT drive stick) so this is actually a small clutchless substitute.
I hear nothing but great things about the BMW but no one actually has a 330xi is the problem, i was really going for opinions on the awd setup, any problems, quirks, bugs that needed to be worked out?
Thanks for all the input