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I finally escaped the office for 2 hours this morning to take one of my dog's to the Vet for vaccinations.
I have been wanting to get my boat project moving along, and I'm ready for paint, but I haven't been able to get away from the office all summer to make it, LITERALLY two streets over from my house to a paint guy that I wanted to get an estimate from.
He does custom auto work, race cars, and then normal collision repair.
I tell the guy I want my boat painted, and he comes back with -
"Well you see, boat's don't use paint, they use this stuff called Gel, and we don't do that"
I don't know why I bothered to go any further, but it was an initial reaction. I said-
"Well yeah, it has a Gel-coat, and that's what I want painted. I had my last boat painted, and it held up fine".
He says "What kind of paint did you use"?
Me - "Hell, I don't know. I wrote a check. I'm not a paint guy"
At this point I realize "Am I trying to argue this dumbazz into taking my money to put a chitty paintjob on my boat that he doesn't even know how to do"??

I just figured I'd give it a shot with this guy because he was local and convenient.
I'm surrounded by idiots.
I made plans to go to kings island this saturday...daughter took off work and everything....but now I have to leave for texas early sunday morning...i will be gone for 3 to 5 weeks this trip....i will be off until after turkey day so i am going to come up there and let you show me the town and have a beer or 12....