This an e-mail reply I got this morning, after 4-5 e-mails to my Gov.! My reply is at the top.

Thanks for the standard "Form Letter" reply. I have contacted EVERY FL. STATE House Rep. and Senator with my "Views" on this issue. They ARE listening to what the CITIZENS OF FL WANT, not WHAT the Save-The-Manatee club is LYING about. The Manatee is nothing more than growth management tool for the FFWCC and the STM Club. I sincerely hope Gov. Bush is listening, because the Boating community/industry in Florida is PRESENTLY and affectionately referring to Gov. Jeb Bush's first name as an acronym for : JEB = Just Eliminate Boating!! This is about the 4 or 5th e-mail I have sent Gov. Bush and you are the 1st to reply, so if past track records are any indication as to what the Gov. plans on doing, it looks like he plans on doing NOTHING!
BTW, my view has 1 SINGLE VOTE attached to it.
Dean Ferry
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From: Furney, Jack [mailto:[email protected]]
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Subject: Manatee Legislation

Thank you for your e-mail to Governor Bush expressing your views on legislation currently being considered by the Florida Legislature. The Governor asked that I respond on his behalf.

The Governorís staff is following all bills as they move their way through the legislative process and apprising him of their progress. When legislation on this subject is presented to Governor Bush for consideration, he will keep in mind the important issues you and other concerned citizens have shared with him.

Again, thank you for taking the time to write to the Governor. Your thoughts on this issue are very important to him. I am sure that your local legislators would also appreciate being aware of your views as they develop and make decisions on any related legislative proposals.


Jack Furney

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