New Jersey Boat Owners Association is a united voice of recreational boat owners in New Jersey. In a state that has over 180,000 boats registered, our mission is to fight unfair taxes, fees and regulations that single out boat owners and to work with New Jersey state agencies to promote boating laws that make sense.

New Jersey Boat Owners Association, (NJBOA) is an organization of boat owners and enthusiasts that boat in New Jersey's tidal, non-tidal and coastal offshore waters. All boaters are welcome including: power, sail and personal watercraft.

NJBOA actively communicates with state agencies and lawmakers to promote boating laws that make sense and increased funding for water based law enforcement agencies that patrol the state's waterways.

NJBOA operates in an ethical professional manner to provide the public and state officials education concerning boating safety and accident statistics. NJBOA also regularly provides it’s members of pending legislation that can be detrimental to the rights of boaters in the state.

NJBOA’s first task is to challenge the call for night and or daytime speed limits on New Jersey’s tidal waterways. This challenge will include countering the misinformation campaign, implying that the State’s waterways are unsafe, that is currently being conducted by a handful of New Jersey residents.

NJBOA and it’s campaigns are funded exclusively by individual memberships and marina / corporate sponsorships.

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New Jersey Boat Owners Association
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