Hi everyone! The new chat server is finally up and running. Check it out using the same chat link as before. Make sure you are logged into the forum first!

This is a private OSO chat server, so we shouldn't have any "Guest" username problems, and only OSO members can access the chat. Also, usernames will no longer be truncated to 9 characters.

A couple caveats and rules:

1) Anyone behind a firewall, internet sharing device (like a hub) and some using broadband connections with hidden IPs will connect slowly. Basically the chat will say "...authenicating..." for about 24.5 seconds before letting you in.

Once you are logged in, however, the speed will be completely normal.

This behavior is NORMAL and cannot be prevented without some very technical knowledge about open ports and IP mascarading which we cannot help you with. Check with your local net guru for help, if the 30 second wait is just too much for you.

2) The chat is a privilege that must not be abused. You may NOT nuke, hack, bot, oper, or otherwise mess with the chat server! (If you don't know what these things are, than you have nothing to worry about).

If ANY user is found abusing the system, they will be K-LINED!! DON'T ask to be an oper.

3) The chat system is ONLY accessible through a link on the OSO site, via the java chat window. In an effort to keep this chat private and accessible to members of OSO only, this is a rule with no exceptions.

If you have any questions about the features or the new system, please reply or PM dlst or offshoreonly with your question.

Thanks for using OffshoreOnly.com!

-OSO Webmaster