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I prefer the lakehouse, although I've never tried the houseboat thing. The houseboat is probobly a better choice for you river folks. Maintenance really isn't a big deal. Probobly spend more time maintaining the boats then I do the house......considering usage. The property taxes we pay are less than the slip fees on our 30ft slip, but then again the house is in an unincorporated part of OK. I know they aren't that cheap on the TX side. I like the added space you get with the lakehouse to work on the boat and other things. They are also much better for entertaining. It is not unusual for us to feed 30+ people during summer holidays. Also nice to have a couple of real bathrooms you can actually use.
We've had 30+ on our 16x70 before. Not even close to being crowded.
The houseboat is THE way to go. Want to go party all day. No problem, party on the way to the party spot, party at the spot, when everyone else still has to drive home, go downstairs & go to sleep. Wake up the next morning & wait on the party to show back up.
We have had homes on the lake before & the HB is the best time we have had at the lake.