I purchased my first real high performance boat from Cobra six years ago, way over my head both financially and mechanically. The boat was the #1 35 ft. Jaguar Marine with merc 900's and Cobra mods, Randy's heads, motor stroked to 572. He babysat me through the experience. When I had a head problem, he overnighted another complete head with head gasket at no charge. Helped me out when, through my neglect smoked a transmission. This was a used boat and he certainly did not have to do this. I have since had new motors built on the west coast, just due to the distance, Florida to California, and have always regretted not going back to Cobra. The Cobra's ran strong and Randy was always around for support. Thankfully I have learned a bit since the first days but still remember the sound of the Cobra motors at full song. I would use him again for any of my boating needs. Every business at one time or another, including my own, makes someone unhappy. Cobra could not have survived in business screwing customers over all these years. Enough of the love fest, my fingers are tired. Good luck picking a builder. Doug