If you care we've posted the latest weight loss video.

I know some of you actually follow them because I've gotten emails from you. One of our members here Tom after the first video started emailing me. He finally decided to Get Off His Lazy Ass and start losing some weight.

His first week wasn't as he had hoped and he sent me a very heart felt letter and wanted advise from me. This weeks video focuses around Tom's questions http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=897wZjfSr7c

Juco - I gave OSO a big plug on here and my videos circulate on 42 different video and webTV sites so please don't booth this thread into the abyss, I'm doing something nice for you here as well.

Joe Gere

ps I think since I started doing these my speech after 46 years has actually gotten better (a lot less editing than when we started). Despite speech schools for 10 years of my childhood, these videos have helped me more by accident!