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I also don't want to insult anyone with an offer...I think as seller tire kicking comes with the territory and as a buyer sometimes you run across a seller who has been kicked a lot and is tired of the kicking,
I think people need to grow a sack. I've sold plenty of boats and if the offer was too low I just said no thanks and went on my way. Insult is a personal thing, if someone says "I don't like your face" it is clearly different than a low offer. If you are selling a boat you should expect some low and unreasonable offers, big deal...I had plenty when I was selling my PowerPlay and didn't lose one wink of sleep over low offers. And in this economy it is reasonable to assume that a seller might need to unload his boat and would be open to lower offers than in the past.

On the buying side it doesn't hurt to respectfully come in with a low offer, the worst that can happen is it's a no-go, however some deals have been made with that as a starting point.

Then there are the dooche bags like the seller that DPT encountered, in that case the F with him and move on.