Being a former boat owner for the past 20 years, just my opinion, that the lack of customer support has declined year after year, which is also fueled by fewer boat yards. My last boat, I sold 2 years ago 42 Tiger, which truth be told was not a difficult boat to maintain, but nevertheless, even the most simple mechanicals, took way to long to address, and never got the support from the manufacturer when needed. Living in the North East as seasonal as it is, there is nothing worse than having down time, with very limited service. Most former boat owners share the same thoughts, there was a time not so long ago, that there were easy 20 high perfomance boats on my canal from Apaches to Cigarettes, now only 2, with one of them for sale. I hope that things turn around within the industry, but in order to do this builders will have to come up with a better business model to support their customer base, and restore customer confidence in their products until such time sadly it will only get worse.