hey guys i have been trying to get some awnsers, but really havent got anything solid just yet. i have a 96 454mpi fresh water cooled with a fuel cooler. i had to remove the vst for many reasons, my problem is now how do i run the lines and what pump to use?
this is what i did so far but have a problem...
i got a mallory high pressure fuel pump(replaces mercruiser) but one end does not take any kind of fitting? so im kinda stuck there. what to do? also do i need to run the mechanical pump on the seawater pump with the electric pump or can i take it off and block it if i run my fuel lines like this.
from gas tank to fuel/water separator to fuel cooler to electric fuel pump into fuel rail(pressure regulator mounted there) return from fuel rail goes back to fuel cooler and then back to fuel/water separator. will this work and with what pumps?
thanks in advance im all jammed up over this, boats ready for engine but i have to get it fired up first.