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thats why i was trying to see if the scarab excel was a steal i figured id pull motor and sell less pwer. if it was a steal i was hoping power would just cost me 1-2k then id have money for the mission impossible boat. how long was it sunk by the way?? nothing to worry about?? thank you all for the help i truly appreciate it cant wait to meet a lot of you OPA Racers down in OC
The boat wasnt sunk for long....they had it up and running in the next race 2 or 3 weeks later.

This boat has all the heavy duty hardware required to race. All you need is a motor. If you buy a pleasure boat, you will have to dump big bucks into it to withstand racing. A few more bucks spent up front will save you a whole lot more down the road. Trust me ...Ive been there.

My advice...If you cant afford to do it right, dont do it, until you are ready.

You cant race on a shoe string budget. Anyone who has tried, will tell you the same thing. Maybe you can buy a seat in someone elses boat to start.