Currently I have a 572 bowtie block (tall deck), old school dart aluminum heads (not pro 1's), littlefield blower intake. TBS chiller, 10:71 littlefied blower (bottom pulley 50t, top pulley 45t), two Dean Nickerson 1050 dom's, CMI headers, solid roller cam, 8.2.1 comp ratio. Motor runs great but I want to step it up!

I would like to have 1100-1200 on 93 pump gas. I was thinking 14:71 blower or 5.0 whipple, dry sump, dart pro 1 cnc'd heads, 598 cui (or bigger), and meth inj.

What do you guys think? I would like to reuse my block, rods, crank, carbs.....if possible